Ross Johnston

Who is Ross

Ross Johnston is a revivalist and co-founder of California Will Be Saved. His heart burns for Revival, the preaching of the gospel, loving Jesus and uniting the church. He is also on the frontlines for the kingdom of God believing that now is the time for a move of the spirit of God. He recently left his six-figure job at one of the top online businesses in America to become a full time missionary in the golden state with the desire to lay his life down for the gospel. California Will Be Saved is a movement that hosts mass corporate gathering outdoors in major cities of influence across California with live worship, the proclamation of the gospel and baptisms. He currently resides in Southern California but has traveled across America and the nations of the earth ministering the gospel.

My Testimony

Ross was born by artificial insemination and grew up in a lesbian household with two moms. At 15 years old he was invited to church where he encountered the Holy Spirit and presence of God for the first time in his life. He then surrendered his life to Jesus and became born again during that time. Shortly after he began attending college in San Diego where he earned his degree and began to run multiple businesses. When 2020 came, the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said “if you don’t stand now you never will”. This was the moment he knew he was born for and decided to resign from his full time job and pursue what the Lord had spoken to him about preaching the gospel. His heart burns for revival: that the church would be revived back to first love for Jesus, the lost would be revived to life through Jesus and that society would be reformed back to God’s design.